From the moment I saw my first black and white image appearing in a chemical bath in a darkroom, I realized I had found a new passion for life. It was 2001 when I learned how I could capture the beauty I see in everyday life and turn that beauty into a forever moment, saved for future generations to see. Whether it is a landscape portraying the beauty of Earth, or just an abstract, I find it that it always evokes a strong emotional response within me.

   Mostly a self taught photographer, I strive to be better with every snap.  Line, color, shape, form, texture,  balance, movement, pattern, and proportion are integral part of my images. Through their use, I hope to create images that are unique, and to offer my viewers a new perspective. I enjoy many types of photographic subjects and styles,  landscape, nature, architectural, macro, flower, night, long exposure, abstract and travel. I love color images but dream in black and white.

   My love affair with photography is what drives and motivates me every day. My love of exploration and learning drives my undying desire to capture my experiences through my lens. I use my perspective to try and communicate in a new and creative way. This is the driving force behind my life. I am fortunate to be able to dedicated all my time and energy to this.
   My hope is that my images can introduce a moment of joy, inspiration or awe, as short lived as it might be, to my audience's life.
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